The Lord is transforming lives through Operation 220's

counseling, teaching and training programs.  

See how God's liberating love has powerfully changed each of these lives!

  • A Counselee

    After many, many years of trying desperately to earn the acceptance of others, obsessively keeping myself from falling into sin, while in the meantime judging others, I came exhaustively to the end of my rope.  I would look in the mirror and wonder who this lifeless, miserable person was staring back at me.  God used Operation 220 to help me not just understand, but believe that my identity is in Christ and even cooler, Christ in me, my source of Life!  The weight of keeping myself from sin turned into the freedom of walking by the Spirit.  And me trying to love God turned into resting in His perfect love for me.  I am eternally grateful for the way God used counseling at Operation 220.  I feel alive and at peace for the first time maybe ever.

  • A 220 Course Student

    I was raised in a strict performance-based religion.  After receiving the "220 message", the heavy weight of performing to earn God's love was lifted, and I received the freedom and rest my heart longed for.

  • Conference Attendees

    My freedom doesn't depend on what I have done but in what Christ has done.

    Next to receiving my salvation three years ago, this is the second most life-changing experience I have had.  God said the truth will set me free.  Wow!  These words have new meaning for me now.  Thank you!